Some Recent News:
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If you loved our sweet Rosie Bannister in pensioner prank show 'Off Their Rockers' (series 1) you are in for a treat again this year when the series and Rosie return!

Make sure to check out 'Ramanujan' when it is released in the UK later this year following its much hyped release in India.  Michael Lieber plays John E Littlewood and was described to us by the director as being 'like a British Leonardo di Caprio'.  Camphor Cinema's film just looks incredible!  Michael also stars in a number of other feature films due out this year.

Heather Rimington gets her first TV role since her recent graduation from drama school in 'Crimewatch'!  This lovely lady played the victim in a high profile case soon to be shown.  In another reconstruction based drama, Debbie Bridge will soon appear in a docudrama based on the Boing 747.

We have just seen the 2014 release of 'The Haunting of Harry Payne' / 'Evil Never Dies' with Michael Aston as Charles Drexler.  You can purchase the DVD or just have a peek on IMDB.

We wish Debbie Bridge and Fiona-Jane Weston all the best for their one-woman shows in 2014.   Both are extremely talented singer/actresses and also very brave!

Andrew Silverwood is currently on tour with Quantum Theatre, whilst balancing other theatre work.  His recent film 'Love Life' with the BFI is set for festival exposure this summer.

Brand new client, Jack Smithson, has just finished a run of 'Behind the Garden Wall' at the Courtyard Theatre where he excelled in the role of Branwell Bronte.  We are pleased to welcome him to Team MWM.

Paul Christalos and Anastasia Mara have been working out in Spain on a theatre tour for a couple of years and we want to wish them congratulations on the birth of their baby boy.  Only time will tell if he has inherited his parents performing talents!  In the meantime, if you are shooting a quick project in Spain let us know.

Plenty of pencils and bookings for commercials in 2014.  Over the last little while our clients have been in commercials for everything under the sun, including:  118118, Axa, BBC, Belvita, Birdseye, Cadbury, Everything Everywhere, Ford, Frylight, Heineken, HSBC, Kia, Loyd Grossman McDonalds, McVities, MTV, Pataks, Pets at Home, San Miguel, Santander, Senseo, Scottish Government, Tesco, Trainline, Unilever, Vision Express, and a whole bunch more...

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